MK9 Online Play Patch Petition

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I recently posted this thread to the Official MK forum which the mod there deleted it even though people were agreeing and giving their own feedback towards the issues with online play.  Please read below:

As us MK9 players know is that the netcode for online play in MK9 needs work. The features such as chat rooms where you can chat and challenge players and the rest are wonderful. However, when it comes to connecting to players/rooms occasionally you sometimes cannot connect even if it’s someone you could connect to prior to having these issues with them.

It was said to us from NRS that whatever we can do offline be it combos, blockstrings, etc. We would be able to do just fine online to. I’m sorry to say but that is not the case.

I’m making this petition so that NRS can see what their beloved MK fans “need”. Please help us NRS we need a lot better netcode.

List of Issues:

  • “Lag chops” are the norm which causes the FPS to chop/drop.
  • Lag in matches even in the same country is mixed results. -One person I can play decent while another is very laggy.
  • One time while entering the Lobby I got this error: “game room no longer available” when i was going into the lobby and did not accept any invites…
  • Occasional will receive a Network Connection error
  • Region locked. Players have friends in other countries which they’ve played with in every other fighting game so this surely needs to be fixed.

For the MK9 players If you agree to this petition. Please say “vouch” (without quotes) in your post followed by giving your feedback on your experiences while playing online.

  1. Haroun Sama says:

    I am really upset about a variety of things in mk9. It all comes down to onine play. I have noticed that there are sudden disconnects between two players when playing against each other, as well as region lock issues that prevent me from playing with a lot of my friends oversees. Not to mention the terrible lag that occurs in-game preventing me and many other people such as myself from enjoying the experience of mk9 online play.

    It is for this reason that I vouch for a patch to happen in the very VERY near future.

  2. Noy0801 says:


    Do we need to really repeat MvC3 and especially KoF12? I don’t think so

  3. iniquity says:


    I don’t want to ruin the ‘story’ and ‘challenge tower’ for anyone, but this game was HIGHLY disappointing to many fans who grew up with the classic series; the only redeeming factor this game had was the online play..which is temperamental at best. Now, I understand that perhaps there may have been a problem, but the developers shouldn’t have gone on about how flawless this netcode will be.

    NRS – at least state that you’re WORKING on the issue, because at the current rate, it’s a joke. We’re spreading it across forums like wildfire. It’s not going to simply go away by neglecting the issue. I spent $60 on this game, which is quickly turning into a purchase I regret buying and I’m not alone here.

  4. ZeroSoulreaver says:

    I’m really disappointed with the online. Upon hearing about the game, it was mentioned that we get codes for online play. So I expected a special experience and maybe it would receive special attention.
    Hopefully this is patched and fixed pretty soon because online isn’t looking too good.

  5. I’m really dissapointed MK9 sucks…

  6. DrewDos says:

    The game is great but the netplay needs some work. At least take back the statement of how well the netcode is and give us a message or two on how you’re working on it so we aren’t stuck in the dark.

  7. Lundon says:


    I wasted time learning combos offline to learn I can’t pull any off online due to the lag and the mistiming. I also get beaten by players that shouldn’t be beating me because of this lag. This is very frustrating.

  8. Trolololol says:

    Promises need to be kept. Better netcode for the future of MK9.

  9. Trolololol says:

    Forgot to say vouch

  10. Digi says:


    The netcode in MK was a deciding factor in purchasing this game, and in its current state I’m sure I’m not the only lost purchase. Online is a very important component of any fighting game, hopefully there will be a response on this issue soon.

  11. HammeredWookiee says:


    I am really let down with the netcode, considering how good it was suppose to be. I get a decent match once in a blue moon but then frames will drop below 10 during the match for a few moments. Connections mean nothing, i have had plenty of matches where both of our connections are full green yet the input delay lag is god awful almost half a second it seems sometimes.

    Please fix it Nether Realms

  12. joey says:


    i mean…wtf!?
    they HAVE to fix the issues! we paid for MK9 and we
    have a RIGHT to play it online without laggs etc.

  13. watomato says:


    i can haz better netcode plz so i can actually play the game online? thanks!

  14. Benjamin Swindells says:


    Horrible lag…

    Feel like i’ve paid £35 for half of a game…

  15. nstalkie says:


  16. gryphin says:

    Great game offline but the lag does upset me at times

  17. mza325 says:

    vouch because of that lag my ps3 frezze sometime

  18. Brandon says:

    Vouch. Complete BS. This is unbelievably stupid. No excuse for this. Learning combos and practicing is pointless, since the lag just makes each match an unskilled uppercut and sweep fest. Blocking is impossible half the time, forget juggle combos.

  19. Knick says:

    MK9 has a great story
    it has great graphics
    but the online sucks
    and the fight system sucks even more

    with that said take MK vs DC fight system and put it into mk9 or i will never buy a MK game again

  20. Knick says:

    o ya i Vouch

  21. DragonVenom says:


    Tried playing this online on release day but the latency and input lag was horrific. It was impossible to do any real high level tricks with all of the skipping going on and in the end I just started to crouch in the corner and shooting sai blasts, no doubt pissing off my opponent, but there was nothing else I could do.

  22. Ben says:


    I love the game and waited a long year like a lot of ppl to play it,but the online part was the thing that I was looking forward to the most…and it’s crappy. Very disappointed…

  23. Anfield_Tiger says:

    and they had the guts of pretend that someone must pay for the online code…nice move Nether Realm…fix this thing, or the next MK is going to be THE JOKE…

  24. ZeroSoulreaver says:


  25. KiLLER JA0 says:


    cause either it gets fixed or i guess im done with mortal kombat series

  26. thisRalf says:


    Love the fighting, combos, story, and presentation.

    But the on-line lag makes this a joke. Fix the code, I want to bust heads and beat-down other players. Not sit in a lobby waitn 3 minutes for a single 1v1 match or play a game where the delay is a noticible 2 miliseconds off.

  27. JMC says:


    Fix it as well as fix PSN!

  28. John says:

    Yes! Please work it out if you can. Online is HUGE and it’s really the only way I like to play.

  29. lillo says:


    I find it takes way to long to connect on a 1v1 random player match, i find it almost impossible to connect on a ranked 1v1 match. When i finally do connect the game is laggy. I like being able to pick a fighting game up join a quick match maybe before work. I find it almost impossible with this game as it takes 5 minutes to find another player. For the future of Mortal Kombat i suggest these issues get addressed online is very important for fighting games and it’s the main reason i made i bought the game. Please fix this so we can all enjoy mk9 the way it should be.

  30. Jynx says:


    Once the story mode is done and the tower complete, online is where people want to go to enjoy the rest of the game they spent £40 on.

    Hope it can be sorted or its back to SSF4 for me.

  31. Sven Rivera-Smith says:

    I completely agree. I mean come on, seriously……you make us use a damn kombat kode to begin with and then on top of that the online play lags major. Oh and is anyone having the issue of not being able to join a room, I’m going on 4 days now of not able to join a room, this sucks! WFT WB and Nether Realm, FIX THIS CRAP!

  32. Billy says:


    what a shame i love fighting games online street fighter 4 is amazing nearly completely lag free why cant this game be. i used to love tekken since 1998 then tekken 6 came out exstremely poor online now i hate that shit because of that.
    mortal kombat is wicked offline .this netcode needs sorting other wise this games not billed for hardcore players or old fans like me who hoped for rival not online flop theres no point in playing even offline if onlines rubbish please patch it. want it be best fighter online thought it would be compared to offline

  33. gabriel says:

    vouch, online play makes combos imposible to pull off

  34. Chris says:

    Wow…The online play is horrendous..I love this damn game!! Best MK since MK2 and it’s leaps and bounds above that…Fix this!!!


  35. Johnbee says:

    Nrs, thank you for making a great game! Gameplay is solid, and most of the cast can compete at tournament level. However, online will keep this game alive. Some people simply do not have access to offline competition, and rely on online play to somewhat learn the game. Please give us a better netcode!

  36. Vouch says:



  37. Fervus says:


  38. Asodimazze says:


  39. Manny A. Quin says:


    Th ank go d i ‘m not t h e onl y one I th o ug ht I h ad a s hi te con nec tion so rry for b ro ke n m e s sag e I h a ve LAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG.


    p.s. I heard there is a patch coming second of May, I’m still vouching to make sure it’s the RIGHT patch that we need.

    And yeah incapable of pulling combos online and therefore incapable of IMPROVING my skills so what’s the point?

  40. Andrew Guifarro says:


  41. fchans says:

    vouch x1billion

    • killa-kitten says:

      online is horrific..0.5 to 0.75 second input is 100% unplayable.worst online game in the history of gaming.shame its my favourite game.
      game engine is garbage many moves are too fast moves and are impossible to block on reaction offline you have to either be blocking or anticipate.
      move properties are garbage and make no sense on many moves ..delays but no recovery animation.obviously this was put in after game was finished to balance it but its hurt gameplay as a result..half finished game which needs fixing.

  42. CalebJames says:


    The netcode is TERRIBLE. PLEASE FIX IT NRS!

  43. D4rkSh4d0wZ says:


    Although the game is very enjoyable offline, i don’t feel the need playing online because the input delay is just terrible.

  44. Gnosis13 says:

    Vouch. I don’t even play MK anymore, but no reason faulty netcodes should go unchecked.

  45. Alex Correia says:


  46. Alaina says:


  47. ryan c says:


    best fighting game offline could be the best fighting game online fix the delay.

  48. G says:


    This lag is totally unacceptable after such a boast, I had to re-start a games up
    to 5 times with a friend who lives 20 minutes away, due to being disconnected or lag, Seriously NRS i thought u were better than this

  49. Manjoume says:


  50. RedHotista says:


    I can’t play on line. I could only try the 2 day free trial because the PS Store is still down to redeem the code. But I couldn’t fight anyone, everytime I was on char selection screen, I got the error “this session is no longer available”.

    And I’m guessing that’s because my MK is UK Version and my PSN Account is USA…

    I thought I should wait to redeem the code when PS Store come back on line and this would be fixed but now I’m a fraid to use the code and still not be able to play on line because of this region bullshit.

  51. rhino says:


    fix the lag

  52. Dione D says:


    Input lag is absolutely terrible, and matches take forever to find, as well as absolute lag running rampant throughout 9 out of 10 games.

  53. Francisco Neill says:


    When i get a match, it is very laggy. Every other time it will cut out before we even get to the player select screen or will cut out during the player select screen. Disgusting!

  54. dngthe1 says:


    NRS, there is no way you can ignore this massive issue of MK 9 online lag! We didn’t buy this game to just play it offline, so don’t give a bad impression and do something about it because seriously, as you can see! you are about to lose a lot of your fans that way and the best way to resolve this issue is 1st. Respond to us, why? because we deserve your attention as we’ve always supported you. 2nd. You must work on this problem because its not just me who is going through this, I’m sure by now you have an idea that it is becoming very serious as we’re speaking. 3rd. Ed Boon DO NOT LET US DOWN!

    We will wait and be patient as long as you let us know that you will proceed with resolving this issue or perhaps you are working on it now.

    Your greatest fan of Mortal Kombat

    PS3 User: DnG_The1

  55. MOA1385 says:


    This game has every variation of lag out there. I have been able to play only a handful of people without any lag. i get kicked from lobbies and i also have been disconnect before the i have even reached the player select screen which caused me to have disconnect on my stats in ranked and in player tag team. i am also unable to do big combos due to the extreme choppiness and horrible input lag.

  56. RedHotista says:

    He said on twitter that a patch is coming with BIG changes and this will get fixed. He was talking about his iPad that he just bought and a guy said: “I hope your iPad doesn’t need a patch to work on line” and he retweeted! lol

    I think now is just a matter of time. =]

  57. Massimiliano says:


    Better fix it soon cause it’s unacceptable.

  58. Zico says:

    Lag, lag and lag…..


  59. Helldays says:

    Vouch !!!

  60. Shamaya says:


    It’s annoying and very frustrating all this damn lags !

  61. Matthieu says:


    You have to do something with the online of this game …
    It’s just unaceptable to pay a game and not be able to enjoy it …
    Hurry guy!

  62. dinendal says:


    All my online parties were laggy, i even don’t understand how some people can do combos.

  63. CyraaX says:

    Bonsoir à vous , je vis en france et je fais une pétition car le XBOX LIVE sur Mortal Kombat est injouable ! Il y a des LAGS ou des problèmes d’affichage ( Victoires , Défaites ) . Merci à vous et reglé ce problème au plus vite .

  64. CyraaX says:

    Good evening to you, I live in France and I’m making a petition for the Xbox LIVE on Mortal Kombat is unplayable! There are LAGS or display problems (wins, losses). Thank you and solve this problem faster.

  65. kalgareth says:


    Please do something ! We love your game but it’s too laggy !

  66. Kyosuke says:

    J’ai signer :]

  67. Dalmol says:


    Make something for the lag.

  68. raz says:


  69. brunoseed says:

    yes +1

  70. Tranquil_le_cat says:

    this game is not cleared
    online lag
    camera bugs
    online code…
    just a commercial attitude, with promess but nothing

  71. Arpeggios says:

    Vouch !!!

  72. Dalil says:


  73. wiewie says:


    It is impossible to form combos with this lag. It drives me crazy!!
    Game is already under dust. I looked out for this game since the announcement
    but untill now i’m really dissapointed. €70 well spend!

  74. SkizDriz says:

    Still lagging today. Its been many months, and I can beat players way better than me and get owned by idiots. Totally random button mashing fest. Good game offline though.. fix this shit.

  75. getto says:

    MK 9 online game lag is so bad. its a crap shoot to be able to do a move. i try and jump kick and its like im warping around then in slow mo then im ded. i know i am better than these kids i play, the lag just makes it amazingly unfair to play and im done till it gets fixed. yo tobais and boon. you lil punks fix this!

    also the king of the hill thing is crap. most rooms i enter are 5 people deep and i cannot even watch the battle. it just flashes ‘game in progress…wait for next round’. i cannot even watch the matches.

    the player 1v1 ranked matching is a joke. it just sits and looks for hoursssssssss finding noone!

  76. shred says:


    been playing the game since day 1. There are a lot of problems, but recently I could not play my friend in finland when we tried to play. please fix these problems

  77. paul says:


    I have been playing MK9 for awhile now and sometimes the online play wont connect at all when i find someone to fight against. worst yet, the exerpeice of loosing to someone due to lag issues is highly irritating. I have a very good and reliable connection. it is a problem with your coding. please fix this. i love mortal kombat and have played all of the classics. i collected all of them. dont let us down now!


    • G says:


      This is a game that is worth about 20h of play offline. The way current lag goes, I have zero interest in playing online. It’s just too much work finding a match without a 1/2 second delay on every input I do.

      This could be a 100+ hour game, NRS! There is depth to this combat system that is obviously worth exploring. Please fix it!


  78. Korr says:


    I will not buy any DLC for it until they fix online play.

  79. Steve says:

    I stay in South Africa and I can say ever since i bot this shit a week after its release i have never managed to play online. I play fifa 11 daily but MK9 tell me to check my connection each time i try or it tell me my Ethernet cable is not connected. i have given up

  80. Alan says:

    Vouch*. I loved this game, but just offline. If netherrealm studios fix the online, this can be the best fighting game of this generation and people will buy more. Region free is better, but if i Play 1 match without saying ” game session is no longer available ” I would be happy.

  81. Disf says:

    I support you 100%!!

  82. Juilf Ganer says:


  83. Josh says:

    The lag is bad, yes. But the input delay is much worse. Even in matches that don’t lag with an opponent that had full connection like I do, the input delay is trash. The minute I go counter, it’s half a second too late and I get punched, and I’m so used to the off-line gameplay, by the time I tried it online, I might be reacting soon enough but the delay is screwing me over and I’m always a little to late. You either have to guess early or just spam, which is sadly what people are resorting to.


    Please fix this lag and input delay, it really ruins what could be a great experience for everyone. I’m resorting to local tournaments just so I can enjoy playing the game, which is otherwise great all around.

  84. gujio nor says:


  85. Exhorder says:

    Yup pretty frustrating

  86. Jay Menlo says:


    just tried playing online last night for the first time and couldn’t execute even the simplest of combos

  87. Kevin Walker says:


    I never play online because of this finished single player cheevos please fix this

  88. YoYo says:


    The game itself is awesome but lag kills the online experience >.<

  89. Saeboga says:


    I got friends overseas whom I’d very much like to challenge.

  90. jay says:

    instead of playing online, get a local scene going. or just cry about it.

  91. noobmk says:


    The game in online is not fluent, It basicly sucks !!!
    I am madly anger with MK9 producers.
    we paid money and we want our rights !!!

    producer have to solve this problem , i thing its not legal, we all have been cheated !

  92. deejayy2769 says:

    *vouch* very laggy

  93. Carl says:

    Vouch* All tho i Vouch on the subject i hope you guys realize that this petition will not get anywhere in the MK corporate world .. They don’t care that a few people say they don’t like the lag or they’re not happy with their purchases. Cuz they know your probably still gonna buy there games I’m not trying to troll or anything, all I am saying is that us MK9 buyers that wish to see results need to hit them where it hurts most.. In the pocket .. Green is the only color they see. We should just not buy the next MK release and make them waste millions of dollars .. That will get there attention. Then that’s when we tell them why.. But I know how unlikely this is of happening because most of you people Will buy the next release …

  94. dj says:

    were do i play the game

  95. kamron says:

    where do i click to play

  96. Mike says:


    Played MK since I was a kid. Part of my childhood. Bought MK9 on the first day it came out, loved it. Started playing online; after 2 years my conclusion is that MK9 online has a bipolar disorder just like the weather in Washington State. I don’t have OCD about anything else but perfect internet connection, and that’s what MK9 is missing. Makes me so fucking angry (excuse my language) when it lags, it’s a good thing I am mentally stable person other wise the world would see me on the news doing something crazy, no joke. Shit.. if women can give birth to babies, then fucking Ed Boon should tell his team to fix this problem.

  97. Gamer50 says:

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